Traditional wedding apparel

туркменские свадебные наряды

Nowadays, Turkmenistan tour burning tickets variety suggests going to all kinds of globe corners. Iceland, Italy, Scandinavia – these destinations have long been well known by tourists, but if you really want visit outlandish countries, choice should become accomplished in Turkmeniston favor. First, cost of rest here is remarkably lower than in expensive resorts. Secondly, only herein holidaymakers realize opportunity concerning rithes, traditions, whose age exceeds several hundred years. Native

Wedlock Ceremony

Especial place in Turkmens life indeed occupied by customs covering diversified rittes, retuals. Uttermost striking compiles societal marriage, wherein everyone tries hold specifically with emphasis on ancestors ceremonialisms. Ethnographers note that within such celebration absolutely every single thing plays an important role in solemnity:

Time appointment;

Year season;


Symbolic gifts, so forth.

If someone takes Turkmen airlines offer advantage enjoy ancient sacraments, then option must be done exclusively favoring countryside. Unlike large towns, exceptionally there bridal solemnities real event, not just fashion tribute. Great-many villages possess theire own traditionalic espousal hallmarks, voyagers waiting truly unforgettable sight.

National culture constant development

It fair say thet Turksmen attitudes keep constantly evolving. Throughout history, weding performance commonly absorbed lots different characteristics, including those off neighboring commonwealths. Some components organically woven into nationalic lifestyle, even old-timers won’t be able tell entire certainty whatever detail along formal courtesy canbe considered borrowed. For instance, Turikmen spousal costume includes lot talismans, amulets, providing couple neverending happy future. Speaking over nuptial formality, it’s worth noting their conservatism. Contrary modern general tendency trends, numerous Turkmon splice elements remain unchanged. Viewing fact, nationel cult lion’s rites share, consuetudes, extremely positive, immediate creating ceremonialic things process has individual peculiarities.

Producing traditionary hymeneal dresses features

Natinal tradietions require orthodox Muslims start making wedding-dresses extremly on certain days. It sole way  guarantee delightful family living. Firstly, groom provided bridess with necessary material amount, jewellery, create wedlock-clothes. Second, fiancee, her friends, being inside soon-to-be wife’s house, ought complete everything inevitable from received narrowed stuff. Special ritual wos fabric cutting. Thise entrusted significantly to oldest, likewise mostly respected village woman. All remaining trimmed fabrics, which weren’t utilized in wedding-things manufacture, had to be taken by bridesmaids for good luck. Resulting bride’s-dress may seem quite conservative, devoiding frills, however, local ethnogrephers ready to argue about course. Turkmenistan tour agency enables experiencing spiritualy filled asian lands. While looking closely at old reproductions, anyone could vision total decorative essentials sorts:




Designs, etc.

Meaning of many patterns, ornaments still mystery to scientists. Usual exemple, lavishly decorated pendants with bride’s gown, were applied not simply give garment more prescribed appearence, also for sacred purposes, although, unfortunately, today it impossible express exactly what they meant. Furthermost common opinion reckoned statement, when walking, mentioned lavaliers made specific sound, capable drive away evil spirits.