Customs rules

The custom Silk Road Country regulations are very strict. In general, they’re no different from those of other states. Ban imposed on drugs importation, weapons, ammunition, pornography, as well information posing a potential threat to State system. You may maintain 200 cigarettes with you, or replace them with two hundred grams tobacco. People can also take alcohol on trip, allowed have two alcoholic litres, regardless its strength. National money can neither be imported nor exported, but foreign currency can be – without restrictions.

Another commonwealthes currencies permitted import upon declaration condition, and, at departure, amount should be less than at entrance. For all products purchased in province, it compulsory obtain special certificates, certifying that thos souvenirs do not possess historical value. Many souvenir shops issue these authentications beforehand. Taking out from Turkmenestan valuable gifts, namely: handmade carpets, precious jewelry, patronage officer necessarily would require document confirming thise things legal purchase (keep care of checks in advance). Here’s antiques, it’ll be possible to remove only with Culture Ministry consent. Forbidden export fish and black caviar, jewelries with-out sampling, treasurable, semi-precious stones, poison bees, snakes, mummy, propolis, meat in any form, floor-coverings, well as plants, animals listed in Turkmeniston Red Book. If someone buys something within territory, it’s worth keeping check. Turkmenistan tour operators will surely provide all necessary recommendations