Turkministan is ready to offer travellers possibility not only touch the objects of world cultural heritage but also submerge in unforgettable flora-fauna-world. Many specially choose conflagrant Turkmenistan tours in country, where plenties rare animals, plants types were saved. Today Turkmenian nature’s condition characterized next numbers:
Ninty-one various mammals;
Three hundred seventy two feathered;
Sevnty-four napaceous;
Sixty fishes.

It important mark that most wide specific flora-fauna variety can be found in Turkmenestan exceptionally in rivers valleys. If you would decide leave for deserted country’s districts, then there you’re waited by far less choice. Greater animal and vegetable kingdom part guarded by State. For this purpose in countryside few tremendous specialized reserves were created:


Climatic features

Turkmanistan summer months average temperature varies off thirty to thirty-two degrees centigrade. If Uzbek airlines bring you overhere during winter, then appears risk rate meet thermal reading condition drops down toward minus five gradations. Talking abaut fallouts amount annually falling out in contry, certainly, number approaches eighty millimetres level. In mountaineous localities such index increases exactly 5 times.


Natural diversity

Nowdays, tourists crowds from different globe countries prefer Turkmeneistan precisely, get acquainted with unique wildlife closier. Upon countery teritory it possible to encounter:
Wild fruit-trees;
Conifer forest;
Pistachio jungles;
Arhar Leopards;


Landscape characteristics

Voyagers wishing nearer become acqueinted with out-country charms must remember about excessive seismic activity inside area. That’s why lots Ashkhabad hotels and other settlements had been built with proper stability standing earthquake shocks. More than eight tens percents of whole couentry territory simply plain. Middle overfall of heights makes around one-hundred meters. Turkmenia lion’s share located in lowland Turan. Central partion of countrie interpreted literally under multi-tone sands layer inward Karakum desert, sector where only on Turkmeniston terretory exceeds three hundreds fifty tousand square kilometres. South land half differs by plenty mount ranges presence:
Small Balhans;
Gissar range.