Features of the national culture of Turkmenistan

культура Туркменистана

Traditional Turkmen art includes jewelry, leather producing, ceramics, felt manufacture. Embroideries, women’s dress decoration appear also developed throughout country, but most beautiful unique crafts were carpet making featuring homespun silk women dresses on special moments during their life.

Turkmen carpets within different shapes colors became famous all over world among Turkmenistan group tours. Carpet waving was ancient applied art form, reflecting people’s life. The distinctive pattern peculiarity within each tribe stayed demonstrated by carpets, cloth, purses featuring saddle bags. Turkmens suggested best weavers. Their skills, displayed covering likewise other textile look beautiful, moreover distinguished work.

Handicraft culture as silver making has been an important part propels life together generation seal, shown by juncture. Embroiderers apply these patterns clearly identify family every tribe unique seal.

Cultural traditions differ from national milestones over other neighboring countries despite Turkmens ancestors were settled farmers, associated Oghuz. Folklore, music, literature have become reflection Turkic traditions off early periods nowadays. These customs have close connection beside nomadic tribes, populated lands.

Ancient epos out that period “Oghuz-nameh” seems mostly known among Turkic population. This epical passed one generation to another orally without writing during long time. “Kitabi Dede Korkud” poem is one more epos, bright reflection Oghuz intellectual achievement influenced through Islam. National singers like storytellers performed these poems.

Turkmens jewelers appeared another national treasure, also presenting practice folk lifestyle. As jewelry was movable small, nomadic people could take it with them, pending moving from place to place keeping wealth. Social status either household pattern was shown at every eye ring, necklace or bracelet.