About turkmenistan

Turkmenestan reminds the fragrant melons sweetness, an invigorating kumys, its silks that amaze with their lightness (say, anyone can easily get fabric through small ring), colors given by local craftsmen hands, thise is free flight over stately racemen steppes, whose manes develop within wind jets. Black sands attract tourists with special mystery, here noble food lovers will certainly have taste real Turkmen pilaf, prepared with especial love. Turkmenian hotels always please suggesting comfort demonstrating east hospitality.

Cultural order

Going visit Turkministan, it worth knowing this is religious Islam country, so any jokes toward golden statue direction, “Rukhname” books, or disputes concerning political, everyday views suppose bringing numerous problems. Girls should strictly observe dressing manner, nobody can’t go out wearing defiant form, therefore, short skirts must be forgotten for while entire visitation. Don’t show your monetary power, periodically demonstrating large money sums, or putting on themselves lot of jewelry – thieves do job quite unnoticed. Even being on walk, do not take handbags which are easy plucked off shoulder – in pinch, they beter be carried in hends, closer to body. Evening walking can simply be escorted, preferably with native citizens. But on night streets surely nothing to do.


You may only drink from bottles, also for washing fruits, vegetables, face. Better buy already cold drinks (fridged) cafes, restaurants, without agreeing dilute bevarage with proposed ice-cubes. Regional raw aqua very bad, it could effortlessly poison, because guarantees thet ice frozen using bottled-water, no one would provide.