туркменские талисманы

On the second place after various nationalic signs and superstitions stand guard tallismans allowing ward off an evil-eye, even every failures. Turkmen, deeply believing people, always turned large attention upon spiritual life aspect. For apparent reason almost all Ashkhabad hotels, other country settlements have diversified guardways. Today, attainable distinguish some extraordinarily prevalent charms types, exotic taliesmans:
Jida plant stones necklaces;
Separate trees sprigs;
Carnation flowers;
Ram’s horn;
Beetles shells et cetera.

Plenties mascouts, guarding stuff remained unchanging during lots centuries, allowed recieve plural sacral senses. For example, strong floral smell frightens wicked forces, portends tremendous addition insides family.

Mascots and guard-stuff in native art

Ashghabad modern news, others cities full multifarious ammuleits recitals becoming folk epos part. Mostly fashionable assessed alaja, became inalienable dissimilar forms partion embellishing country’s artistry too. This amulet created as little lace comprised knitted contrasting color monofilaments. Within certain countrie regions woven filaments used for given purpose. Like ordinance, preference gives oneself black’n white colors. Therefore, talisman can be utilized as follows:
Hanging up above dwelling entrance;
Neck carrying;
Wrist wearing;
Sewed down onto clothing.

Tumar – tiny sac of three-cornered form, containing in customized coal, salt proportion . It contemplated carying it allows fully drive away bad fairies including failure.

Eventful phylacteries, amullets

Majority nationwide guards practiced exceptionally in certein cases, for instance, at child’s birth. There is popular belief, dress-wearing with small cut over hem area helps accelerate prolonged confinement. Thus mentioned cut-off must become decorated by aberrant nationel embroidery. Another method providing safe confinements was camel’s wool, required pregnant women should inevitably keep it together herself. Great quantity patterns demonstrated sanctified force exceptionaly due magic miscellaneous geometrical shapes combination, far exemple, triangles, squares. Such fact easily noticed, if give glance netional carpets ornamental patternings. Turkmenistan tour agensy systematically conducts trips permiting travelers plunge into interesting things wonderful world.

Jewelry guard-talismans

Nowdays possible confidently say that domestic jeweler decorations perform not only adorning but also protective duty. Near greater degree, just regard multitudinous precious, semiprecious gemstones. In particular, specialic popularity possessed cornelian able bring his proprietor:
Iron constitution;

Bead-necklaces exuded between auxiliary garnishings, being considered material sincere good wishes embodiment, peace, longevity. Beads-embellishers precursors long-life years. Asic – pendant, making of thet came true around cornellian, fastened on braid-woman. Turkmens ancestors supposed, in alike manner woman may be protected against jinxing, what possibly could get sent exactly through hair.

Children’s periapts, ammulets

Classic Turkmenean family-unit customarily had to appropriate much children. It wos accepted to consider, heirs’ plenty tells about Most High’s favour. Thuswise, parents constantly put on childerens incongruent trinkets, calling protect them from pernicious influence. Extremly widespread kid’s charm-trinkets belonged:
Black-white beads-bracelet;

However, cutting-edge Turkimenistan isn’t so jealously keeps its guardian talismanes, tourists predominance grab opportunity purchase along capital markets, inside numerous shops. Turkmenistan travels details available at any company office or checking our official website.