Travellers should remember that it isn’t customary in Turkmanistan remove clock arrows. The main time zone permanently different comparing Greenwich by five hours. There are other native features:

F and B-type electric outlets common within State;

Voltage inside electrical grid approximatly 220 volts / 50 hertz;

Optimal commonwealth climate observed starting mid-March till May end, likewise beginning September up to December;

There’re no prohibitions on wearing certain clothing items;

Categorically forbidden visiting sacred places having excessively defiant clothes;

Going for walk, don’t forget hat;

If you plan your hike toward countryside, shoes supposed be chosen closed maximum possible. This will help avoid large number poisonous creatures bites;

Turkmens known for tremendous quantity various soups, which basis, certainly broth made off lamb-meat;

Turkmen bouillions prepared using minimal spices, so products natural taste unovershadowed;

Mostly famous meat dish around province considered tomatoes cooked sheep. Numerous international gastronomy field experts never tire repeating that there’s near-perfect flavour balance;

While joining Turkmenistan tour, do not miss chance relish delicious pilaf, seafood (fish pot baked), nationalic dairy productions, etc;

When shopping, everyone must keep safe receipt-check you’re given.

Пик Ленина. Таджикистан