Caravansarai dayakhatyn

Dyakhatyn’s caravanserai – located in walls of Takhiriya Rabat which is on road conducting from Turkmenabad to Khorezm. Daykhatyn’s caravenserai belongs to 11-12th century. Caravanseray planning – symmetric square, covered arcade on all perimeter available. Earlier, starting North there spread huge entrance exposing arch form.

Construction had been erected of adobe brick, however when building vaulted overlappings, burned bricks were already used. Facade entirely decorated with an original ornament. Rabat strengthened by rectangular shape round towers. Roof conducted ladders laid out off blunders. Today Karavan-Saraya Dayakhatin represents only ruins, upon some walls relief text fragments remained, containing Arab Caliphs Ali, Omar, Abubakr names. Get acquainted with surprising compositions using Turkmen travel agency services.

Erection also recognized under very distributed name – Bai-Hatyn. That designation came from ancient legend. Formerly, one rich man suspected wife in commiting adultry, although, actually she never did it. Having taken offense, he left house, changed clothes, thus became beggar. The woman expected spouse for long time, therefore, trying please Allah, assembled mentioned caravansorai. Brickworks brought from Merv, handed over from person to another. Eventualy, it got onto working site. Oneday, one amid bricks fell into hands of her well-off husband. Soon after, he returned to his beloved-wife.