Turkmanistan tour agency suggests unique place where monuments of different dynasties are collected together: Timurids, Sassanids, Khorezmshahs. According to historical memorials number, country rightfully occupies a leading place, here, tourists eyes open libraries, palaces, caravan-sarai, observatories. Nature-lovers will certainly appreciate reserves beauty: crystal clear lakes, alluring and ruining desert sands, crater that can at any time explode with fiery stream, ancient cities where you can touch different eras cultural values.

Ashgabat begins with chronological narrative of settlement Nisa, Parthian kingdom capital, in distant past, incredibly powerful, likewise completely impregnable for enemies. Herein, is largest mosque in world, single-dome cathedral Turkmenbashi, wherein ten thousand people can perform prayer service contemporaneously. Noisy, crowded Dzhygylyk, Gulistan, Lalesar, Tekinsky bazaars  – from hereaway it simply impossible leave empty-handed. Ofcourse, Carpets Museum – seeing firsthand how difficult and beautiful process of their weaving, would incontestably want buy such, as long fertile land memory. Turkmenboshi – Turkmenian travels may begin with magnificent Dehistan valley study, simultaneously exploring Misrian town ruins, built within medieval times. Anyone’ll get hit by ther powerful minarets, which stretch twenty meters high sky. Anybody might also visit Muslim Pilgrimage Center, located in Parau Bibi chapel, pregnant women, newborn children patron saint.

Turkmenabad – megapolis attracting thousands travellers with golden Repetek Nature Reserve sands. Just do not become afraid, if among barhans suddenly meet half-meter giant lizard. Almutasir Mausoleum considered architectural construction monument,dated starting 11th century. It furthermore worth observing caravansaray Bai-Khatim, which has an incredible story about pure, devoted spouses love. Mausoleums, mosques, antique castles, additionally even tombs can be seen by visiting Mary conurbation.

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