In the mountain Dugun depths situated lime cavity. It is 120 kilometres from Ashkhabad city, somewhat twenty kilommetres off nearest small town Beherder. Main interest presents spelaean pond, measuring approximately seventy-five on twenty-three metters. Water temperature always very comfortable, presumably thirty-seven degrees celsius. Information about grotto appeared yet near end XVIII century, but report in local press came into view only 1896. Soon after, people all much often began visiting this unique place. Scientific expedition of geologists, speleologists helped make special map, detailed natural object description.

Getting inside hollow possible using five points. Sight itself located down more than fifty meters deep. Electric illumination helps consider everything beautiful. Within difinite section including 250-meter hall light-blue-lake was stretched with slightly mineralized woter. Excursions, swimming boats, bathing, attract both tourists and habitants, so Turkmenistan tour packages include it under basic traveling program. Pigeons live in thise cave-hole, corabias garrulus, bats, various rodents. Flora of striking folk resort made by cladinas. Air in cavern has practically hundred percent humidity, it also saturated sulphuretted hydrogen steam. Being here long heavily, absolutly insalubrious. Almost  kilometre aside pothole entrance inward ravine, Kav spring beats. Thus, aqua outcrops from cave-lake.