Visiting the country, tourist must remember – main Turkmanistan significances are manual carpets, striking with  interlacing figured drawings, likewise stately racers who can admire constantly. Unfortunately, buying a racer in souvenir quality difficult, transportation through border would cause lot accompanying procedures. Instead, it possible buy floor-coverings, every necessary quantity. Huge choice represented in Ashgabat hotels, native markets – glory about them goes throughout whole state. Also achievable acquire unique product in shop, opened at carpetings Museum there ain’t only really magnificent creations presented just for-sale, but additionally it obtainable examine their production process during prossesing. Felty mats cost absolutely not much, exposed herein woolen mattings, silk becomes far more times expensive.

It impossible forget thet when passing customs, products legal acquisition confirmation will surely be demanded from traveler – check should be recieved inevitably. Let us say, here suppose purchase was made at hands, carpet at first passes examination in carpets-art hall, where experts shell establish approximate work’s age. Wherein, aged more’n fifty years, drugget won’t get allowed come taken out from commonwealth, it belongs to old ages objects. However it dosn’t mean, that it obligatory return home empty-handed. Practicable bring clothing articles as reminder – skullcap, fur cap off sheepskin and many other things. National clothes usually worn inside province, although, it doesn’t treat cultural preciousnesses category.

It furthermore feasible please household members with different souvenirs: horses statues, beautiful silver earrings, supplementarily magnificence local silks, thin, nevertheless incredibly strong, any woman wouldn’t refuse. So bravely join with Tukmenian tour, obtain valuable presents for relatives and friends. Wine, decent cognac held in high esteem between locals, which may become an original gift too. Don’t obliterate take fragrant halvah sweets, for gourmets – sturgeon fish, stellate-sturgeon prepared on open tandoor flame, or smoked.

Пик Ленина. Таджикистан