Turkmen’s deserts are ready to open their secrets to those who aren’t afraid to come here. At the same time, do not worry that you bound live experiencing Spartan conditions, because numerous Turkmenistan hotels will surround anyone with attention, comfort. Speaking of East Karakum area, it is worth noting its relatively young age. It was first allocated under independent administrative unit approximately 1927, occupying a territory exceeding thirty-five thousand hectares. Today, tourists can see vast plain, separated by several ridges. For long period barkhans managed occupy really impressive domain, creating special ecological system herein. In order protect existing flora-fauna species diversity, Repitek Nature Reserve had been created hereaway.

Natural reservation splendor

Despite unordinary unfavorable climate, many flora representatives, such as desert forests or black saxaul, were actively developed hereabout. More than third of all plants within sanctuary stay endemic. Don’t lose sight of founa presentatives living around in large genus variety amid animals:

Two dozen mammals sorts;
Twenty-five birds assortments;

All this naturalic wealth gets along bearing extremly difficult circumstances. Innumerable scientific studies conducted inward region wer able identify divergent landscapes types common overhere, well as  standard one in dominion:

Moving dunes, having permanent dynamic;
Semi-moving sands;
Weakly bushy sends;
Valley-shaped demotions;

Local authorities active work maintaining localised eco-system wos assessed at worldwide level, for instance, 1979 Ripetek Wildlife Conservation wes included into UNESCO International Heritage List. Due to evident fact, Turkmen airlines do not stop bringing thousands travelers every year. Tourism organizations general agents note thet it btter arrive herearound in middle spring, when you could observe in biospheric reservance “Repatek” following:

Sandy sedge;
Turkestan rhubarb;

Unusual facts about biospher preserve

Plenties people would be genuinely surprised learn, Korakum is one of most productive desserts in globe. Incredibly, it’s actuality that aforementioned descert productivity increases with ambient temperature exponentially. Result of such extraordinary cohabitation indeed huge roll of whole flora-world kinds representetives who found their home hither. For example, almost four hundred fungi speceis grow inside biosphiere reserve-park teritory. Animal-world represantatives, represented heire, both feathered, mamals, reptiles and so forth, not far behind:


Visiting voyagers must comply with security measures. This shall help avoid Karokum poisonous residents bites.