Nature parks and reserves

парки и заповедники туркмении


Природные заповедники и парки Заповедники Туркменистана_02 Заповедники туркменистана02

Main priority Turkmenistan environmental policy basis ensure sustainable usage against indigenous resources. New governmental program include: playing part within implementing global measure aligned protect environment, prevent depraving conditions also be able to maintain natural resources.

Turkmen government is furthermore concerned in proceeding national conservation network. Parkland must maintenance an environmental education; preserve biodiversity either country animal habitats therewith establish ground towards tourism travel in Turkmenistan. Homeland reserves protecting wild world may be an appropriate basis during this occasion.

Two country’s diversity spots are partial sanctuaries at mountains near border. These two reserves become home toward rare animals featuring plants, include: hyenas, mouflons, wild goats, leopards, additionally lots endemic plants.

Some foundations assist establishment these rare animals, herbs parks collaboration with another institutions, local Environment department.

Nature Conservation Ministry developed several aspects within biodiversity concept, land use, district partitions.  Ministry’s project looks like make up business plans, monitoring process, other paper work involving definitive distinction throughout nationwide sanctuaries.

Greifswald University appears able to invite pupils, furthermore provide scholarship with some students from Turkmenistan, support this foundation, further development involving republic national treasures.


Other countries sponsored either support state policy within surroundings protection featuring natural conservation Eastern European central Asian countries as part of aid programmed.