Ertugrul Gazi Mosque

In the late nineties of the last century on the tourist map of Turkmenistan there is another point of interest, immediately attracted the attention of a large army coming here tourists annually. If you purchased the last minute tours to Turkmenistan, be sure to visit Ertugrul Gazi Mosque, the second title is “Azadi Mosque.” Its opening took place in 1998 of the last century, becoming another symbol of statehood.


The name of the architectural structure is named after the first ruler of the Ottoman Empire – Gazi Osman I. It is believed that under the leadership of his Empire expanded its possessions by connecting the western part of Asia Minor. Local and foreign experts in the field of architecture mark the successful combination of Byzantine and Islamic trends in the geometry of the Mosque. Some experts have even put this building on a par with the famous Blue Mosque, located in Istanbul.


The mosque is surrounded by a lot of mysterious stories


Virtually none of socially significant building, attracting large numbers of tourists, cannot do without the various legends and mystical occurrences. For example, among the locals there is a belief that the building of the mosque is surrounded by some evil force that requires human life as sacred offerings. Based on this myth is the fact that at the stage of the construction of Mosques here strangely lost a lot of workers. The authorities are inclined to attribute all these things solely to the examples of gross non-compliance with safety regulations.


Despite all the rumors, multiple hotels of Turkmenistan continue full of people who want to enjoy in person at the mosque. Today this building is a symbol not only of Turkmenistan’s independence, but also samples the unique architecture, which has absorbed the best traditions of our ancestors.