Turkmen national cuisine

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туркменские блюда 


 Туркменская кухня. Сладости


Turkmen food appears overall similar to eastern either Muslim countries whereby they do not eat pork. You can hardly find it on local markets. Meat dishes are very popular, mostly prepared from goat and mutton. All sheep parts products eaten, include: head, brain, heart, tail, even eyeballs. Flesh courses have their unique taste like color because preparing way. Fatty bossy featuring bones usually cut then fried helping qazan, wok shaped cooking pot. Camel, beef, game, poultry stays also common within some regions. Although fish is not much extended amongst Turkmens, travelers central Asia can find grilled or fried fish either caviar inside local restaurants.

Turkmens traditionally have some flesh dish together vegetables, pastry for dinner. Fresh wheat bread used prepared every day which served hot following every meal rather snacks during tea ceremony. Melons, dried melon become very popular snack throughout Asia. Melon day is holiday, celebrated throughout republic, dedicated this fruit delight.

Ancient history both geography influenced much on development of Turkmenistan. Special living conditions effected people lifestyle, their culinary traditions. Among the main specifications of national cuisine remain comprehensibility, affordable ingredients, different cooking ways.

Although, traditional cuisine mostly prepared from butcher’s products, vegetarian dishes furthermore accepted or even adorable. Vegetarian courses involve: pumpkin, spinach pies, masishulye, cornmeal pancakes, herb-filled pastries. Butcher’s products, usually heavy like fatty include: mutton with hot, spicy gravy, round bread with sheep fat, shurpa, camel bowel, kuurma, seasoned mince lamb. Smoked sturgeon, caviar appear also familiar among locals featuring tourists.