Cafes and restaurants

кафе и рестораны Туркмении

CesmeКафе и рестораны Туркмении_5

Cafe offers big variety of meat dishes, including kebabs also grilled meat or vegetables. Nice spot becomes popular among local people though cafe is ready to serve Silk Road trips travelers. Although, carte not available here, every waiter may offer many salads, sauces, flesh courses for your selection.



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Sim Sim

Although, travelers may hardy find such placement within guide books, most taxi drivers or locals must advice restaurant as place famous international, especially Italian cuisines. Eating house stays rather expensive, but great deal of good quality wine, sauces, salad are its advantages.



KopetdagКафе и рестораны Туркмении_3

Very trendy eatery involves special design located in beautiful garden offering private shelters, authentic yurts, alfresco tables. Carte became variable featuring enormous selection national either round world meals.




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Charming restaurant garden suggests impressive menu within national also international cuisine, involving; Caucasian, Russian, Georgian, Asian cuisines. Tourists can find alfresco tables moreover yurts made authentic design outdoors.






EuphoriaКафе и рестораны Туркмении-1

Eating space used fabulous propose great menu, including; catfish sauced nuts; lamb peppermint sauce either mustard, different soups, original salads, served on distinctive shaped dishes.




Кафе и рестораны Туркмении




Pizza Haus

Cozy place, popular among adults like teenagers offers best pizza or non pizza card. Only haus throughout city propose breakfast’s option provide delivery.