театры таджикистана

Tajik Musical Theater

This playhouse was created in 1936 as Tajik Musical Theater. First team composed young performers, most of whom had no professional education. On October 16, 1939, composer Sergei Balasanyan’s First Rise of Vose, first opera Vosstanie Vose, premiered libretto Abdusalom Dehoti featuring Mirzo Turzun-Zade, for which artists received awards from Tajik SSR Government theatre in 1940, was renamed the State Theater opera and ballet available Tajikistan travel. During late 1930s, main Dushanbe street began erection new theatre building, made classical style with national ornament elements. Architects became A. Junger, D. Bilibin, V. Golli, M. Zakharov.


In April 1941, Decade framework Literature either Art, it delivered performance entitled Vosstaniya’s Revolt front Moscow spectators, who praised it. Moreover, metropolitan audience saw other national music works: Blacksmith Kova by Sergey Balanyan together Sharif Bobokalonov, ballet Two Roses by Alexander Lensky, music performance Lola with Sergey Balanyan together Samuel Urbach. For their work, team was awarded the highest order USSR Lenin Order.


Playhouse did not cease activity during Great Patriotic War, staging several musical performances from 1941 to 1945, including Tahir and Zuhra. Within 1944 it began stage classical works toward Russian, Western European featuring Soviet composers: operas Eugene Onegin, Zaporozhets Beyond Danube, Carmen, Rigoletto, Keto or Kote; ballets Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Fountain off Bakhchisarai, Cinderella, Thunder Path, operetta Gypsy Baron, Bat, Silva, Maritsa, Sevastopol Waltz. Within 1947, troupe staged Leyli Mejnun, under Sergei Balnyan, which won e Stalin Prize. Later within postwar years, professional performers who graduated from Moscow or Tashkent Conservatories either Leningrad Choreographic School joined that troupe.


Musical Comedy Theater

Visiting Tajikistan theaters

Modern musical comedy playhouse named after Ato Mukhamadjonov was established in 2016. New building was finished by 25 republic anniversary and has several facilities including: rehearsal halls, stuff rooms, make-up room, dressing rooms, diner and many others. This playhouse becomes popular among local people featuring Tajikistan group tours. Large, well-equipped auditorium is available for 800 comfortable seats. All other facilities are also well-equipped according to contemporary standards for better condition for actors’ performances and viewers’ amusement.