Uzbegim Plaza

3 stars
Samarkand, Arifbaeva, 32
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Outside Arifbaeva, 32 in Samarkand Plaza hotel is situated Uzbegim. On request, we call in can be selected one of the 22 rooms, which also includes non-smoking rooms. In the morning, guests will enjoy free breakfast and in the evenings – a beautiful restaurant open until the last customer bar. Entertain guests in the main traditional cuisine, and in the adjacent courtyard you can prepare succulent barbecue. At the registration desk guests always tell us how to book a tour of memorable places, help with registration issues. In Uzbegim Plaza has its own large swimming pool, and you can visit the famous for the whole district a sauna in front of him. Lovers of walks in the air has a bicycle rental service. Beautiful ladies will certainly appreciate the full beauty bath set, soft white robes, and many other surprises that will prepare the staff.


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