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Ashgabat – Nohur – Serdar – Dehistan – Balkanabat – Turkmenabat- Mollakara-Yansykala-Gozli Ata- Turkmenbashy-Doshoguz- Kunya Urgench- Darvaza gas crator – Damla- Akmolla-Murzechyrka- Gonurdepe- Ancient Marv- Mary – Turkmenabat – Koytendag- Turkmenabat- Ashgabat
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  • Classic Tours
  • Duration:15 day/s 14 nights
  • Max:20people

Country: Turkmenistan
Tour route: Ashgabat – Nohur – Serdar – Dehistan – Balkanabat – Turkmenabat- Mollakara-Yansykala-Gozli Ata- Turkmenbashy-Doshoguz- Kunya Urgench- Darvaza gas crator – Damla- Akmolla-Murzechyrka- Gonurdepe- Ancient Marv- Mary – Turkmenabat – Koytendag- Turkmenabat- Ashgabat
Duration: 15 day/s 14 nights
Quality of persons: 20 persons maximum
Hotel type: 3-4 *
Meal: FB
Placemen: single, twin


Day 1
Arrival – Ashgabat
Meeting at the airport in Ashgabat (TK322, 21:35-03:20) Transfer to hotel
accommodation. Overnight in hotel.
Day 2
Ashagabat – Nohur – Serdar
After breakfast drive to Kopetdag mountains. Discover on the way Geok Depe
Mosque. Kovata lake and Ahal Take private horse farm. Nohur tribal mountain village for a visit of home silk weaving and tribal cemetery. Continue to Serdar via Bami village.
Day 3
Serdar – Dehistan – Balkanabat
Visit to Parau bibi shrine. Drive partly off- road via the lunar-like landscapes in the
Kopetdag and the Sumbar River valleys to the Misrian lowlands and Dehistan.
Visit Dehistan and nearby Mashhat Ata mosque, Sir Kebir mausolerum, madasra,
caravanserai, minarets and cemetery. Later continue to Balkanabad
Day 4
Balkanabat – Turkmenbashy
Transfer to Turkmenbashi at the Caspian Sea. Visit Mollagara salt lake beach along the route. Leave the road at Bugdayly and follow Messerian plain tracks. Visit the
Turkmenbashi fish bazaar and the Russian-orthodox church.
Day 5
Turkmenbashy- Yansykala-Gozli Ata
Drive to Yangisuw Canyon. Time to explore the canyon area. Picnic lunch on the way.
Transfer to Gözli Ata pilgrim site. Dinner and overnight in common gender-shared rooms at pilgrim house.
Day 6
Gozli Ata- Turkmanbashy
Drive from Gozli Ata to Yangikala Canyon. The south eastern bordering area of Gar
Bogaz Gold bay has spectacular view of the former sea bed and millions of years work by
natural forces to form the canyons in its unusual shapes and variety of colors. Arrive and
discover canyons. Drive to Turkmenbashi. Overnight at hotel in Awaza resort.
Day 7
Turkmenbashy- Doshoguz- Kunya Urgench- Darvaza gas crator
Flight from Turkmenbashi to Dashoguz at 14.20 (except Sunday) – visit to History
Museum of Khoresm province. Kunya Urgench (UNESCO). Sightseeing of the Old Town
with the portal of a caravansary, Mamun Minaret, Il Arslan Mausoleum, Sultan Tekesh
Mausoleum, Horezm Academy, Kutlug Timur Minaret, Turabek Hanum Mausoleum, Najm
Ed Din Kubra, Soltan Ali Mausoleum and Dash Metjit Medrese.
Day 8
Doshogu – Darvaza gas crator
Visit Izmukhir (Zamakshir) fortress and Ismamut Ata pilgrim sites. Afternoon drive
to Darwaza gas crater. Stop for photos along the route. Start exploration of gas craters along the route (one – full of water, second – with mud at the bottom in both gas can be seen bubbling through it). Then venture in the desert and arrive at fiery gas crater. Enjoy the view of the gas crater at night.
Day 9
Darvoza- Damla- Akmolla-Murzechyrka
Drive through Karakum Desert, crossing sand dunes and takyrs (dried water sources) and watch camels graze and sheep drink at water wells, to Murzachirla desert village, with visit of Damla and Ak Molla villages on the way. Observe the semi-nomadic traditions that continue to be present in the lifestyles of the local population. Set up camp and overnight in tents. Picnic lunch on the way. Camp dinner and overnight in tents near Murzachirla.
Day 10
Murzechyrka- Gonurdepe- Ancient Marv- Mary –
Drive through Karakum Desert into the direction of Gonur Depe Bronze Age
excavations archeological site. Picnic lunch on the way. Drive to Mary.
Day 11
Ancient Marv- Mary – Turkmenabat
Visit Mary (center of cotton fields) – town center, bazaar, Juma Mosque, historical Silk Road park and Regional Museum of Mary.Morning visit of Merw (UNESCO –
Sightseeing: Alexandria Marginal (Erk Kala), Antiochia Margin (Gyaur Kala) remains, Sultan Kala, Sultan Ahmad Sanyar mausoluem, Yusuf Hamandany shrine, Mohammed ibn Said mausoleu, Gyz Kala castles. After continue driving to Turkmenabad
Day 12
Turkmenabat – Koytendag
Transfer to the Kugitang Mountains in the far east of Turkmenistan. Visit the mausoleum complex of Astana Baba and Alamberdar before reaching Atamyrat Town and the Amu Darya River. Towards the end of the drive the mountains come into view and the highest peak of Turkmenistan, Airy Baba (3150 m) can be seen. Arrival in the scenic village of Koyten. Dinner and overnight in basic guesthouse
Day 13
Spend the day exploring the surroundings, with a steep walk up the slopes of the Dinosaur Plateau, where hundreds of dinosaur footprints have been extremely well preserved. Walk into the Umbar Dere Gorge to the local waterfall, and follow local pilgrims to the holy Kyrk Gyz Cave, where thousands of pieces of cloth are evidence of previous visitors. Dinner and overnight at the guesthouse.
Day 14
Koytendag- Turkmenabat- Ashgabat
Return to Turkmenabad with a brief visit of the Kainar Baba sulphur spring on the way.
Arrival in Turkmenabad and transfer to the airport for evening flight to Ashgabat. Upon arrival in Ashgabat transfer to hotel.
Day 15
Ashgabat – Home
City tour, including visits of Carpet Museum, Cable Car and Nisa (UNESCO)
Anau Mosque and ruins. Abviert. SUNDAY: Tolkuchka bazaar (Altyn Asyr Gundogar market), Independence Park, Neutrality Arch, Earthquake monument and Ahalteke horse monument. Evening city-by-night tour, including visit to Wedding’s Palace viewpoint. National History Museum (closed on Tuesdays), Carpet Museum (closed on Saturday and Sundays), Ferris Wheel, Ertogrul Ghazi Mosque.
Night transfer to the Ashgabat International Airport to board a flight to next destination  ( TK323, 04:15-06:30) End of the Program.



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