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Hotel Turkiston is located in the city of Namangan on Dustlik Street, 32b. Its location is very convenient for many athletes who choose a hotel for a long stay as well as for conducting various gatherings. Just next to the hotel there is a tennis court. It takes just 20 minutes to reach the hotel, as the distance to the airport is about 4 kilometers in total. 30 rooms are painted in yellow and tender salad colors that give a constant feeling of sunny mood and extraordinary comfort, even in bad weather.

Staying in” Turkiston” is not only a memorable, but also extremely useful experience. There is an opportunity to enjoy the sauna of the category Deluxe, which pleasantly surprises holidaymakers with unusual but interesting layout.

In two large banquet halls of the hotel any celebration can be organized on the highest level and hospitality of the staff will make you feel in harmony and leave far beyond all the pressing problems.

  •   Air Conditioning
  •   Breakfast
  •   WiFi
  •   Cable TV
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