Topchan Hostel

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The National Park in Tashkent
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Not far from the National Park in Tashkent is Topchan hostel. Guests are greeted places cozy rooms with wardrobes, comfortable furnishings and a welcoming lounge. Hotel in Uzbekistan offers guests a relaxing stay and a lot of different activities: tennis, darts, guests also invited to visit the large library hall, where you can find all sorts of literary genres. For hostel offers a games room, and fans of active pastime offered to go with a guide to hiking.Walking in the vicinity of the hostel you can see the various sights.


Near Topchan it is a mini-market, attracting a great selection of foods and other products. Optionally, arriving may settle in the rooms for non-smokers, for those who are satisfied with the smoke breaks, the hostel within the designated area. When you have problems, you can seek help at the reception desk.

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Single bed in a dormitory
Single bed in a dormitory
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