The recreation area “Crocus Park”

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Not far from the famous three pyramids on the Charvak reservoir located Crocus Park. Quiet, unique nature, birds singing discordant – here you can really take a break from the usual hum of the city. Correct Health recommended in a Russian bath, where you can try a couple of magical infusions of various herbs. After the bath-house in the yard, guests can Crocus fry barbecue, rinse in cool pool or bath compare charms with the possibilities of the local saunas. In the Park, there are cottages, restaurant, surrounded by a summer terrace, and elegant for kids provided a playground. Kitchen Master constantly trying to surprise guests Crocus brand delights, as well as the variety that is offered daily. Particular attention is given to the wine list – here represented by the finest wines. Saturday night live sound is colored favorite performances, which blends perfectly with the general festive atmosphere.





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