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Tashkent, Samarkand, Shaxrisabz, Yurt stay in Nurata, Bukhara, Khiva, Urgench, Tashkent
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  • Historical tours to Uzbekistan
  • Duration:12 days
  • Max:10people


Itinerary: Tashkent (1) – Samarkand (2) – Shaxrisabz(0) – Samarkand(1) – Yurt stay in Nurata (The Kyzyl-Kum desert) (2) – Bukhara(2) – Khiva (2)- Urgench Uzbekistan – Tashkent (2)
Type of movement: flight and land transport (bus)
Accommodation: Standard single/double rooms in hotels, night yurt stays.


Day 1

A guide meets tourists at the airport in Tashkent and takes them to the hotel. After that tourists are given time to have a rest.

Day 2

In the morning after breakfast, we go to Samarkand that is 315 kilometers away. Upon arrival we check-in the hotel and go for sightseeing. Sightseeing program includes: Mausoleum Gur-Emir, Mausoleum Rukhabad, Shakhi-Zinda Complex, Bibikhanim and Khazrat Khizir Mosques and Architectural Complex Registan. Registan is one of the most popular sights in Samarkand among tourists. It consists of three madrassaa: Ulugbek, Sherdor and Tilla-Kari.  The night is spent in the hotel

Day 3

In the morning after breakfast on day 3 we go for tour 25 kilometers away from Samarkand. The plan includes visiting: Imam Mukhammad Al-Bukhari Memorial Complex. After lunch visit the eastern market Siab, the excavation site and the museum of the ancient town Afrasiab, The Khodja Doniyor mausoleum – this name is connected with Koran and the Biblical prophet Daniil, the unique Ulugbek observatory ( XV c). After that there is time for tourists to spend on their own. The night is spent in the hotel.

Day 4

After breakfast tourists take a trip to Shakhrisabz. Sightseeing in Shakhrisabz includes: two complexes: Dor-ut Tillavat and Dor-ut Saodat; ruins of Ak-Saray Palace. Dor-ut Tillavat complex consists of: Kok Gumbaz Mosque and Gumbazi-Seiidan, Dor-ut Saodat is a complex consisting of: Jahongir Mausoleum and Khazratiy Imam Mosque; Mukhammad Jakhangir Mausoleum. Then we go to yurt camp and pass by Yangig’azg’an village. Upon arrival we settle in yurts, have dinner and go to bed.

Day 5

In the morning after breakfast we explore the nature of Kyzyl-Kum and then go to the Aydarkul Lake for swimming and fishing. Then we go back to the yurt camp. Upon arrival, tourists have free time to walk around the camp. The night is spent in the yurts.

Day 6

In the morning after breakfast we have a trip to Bukhara that is 270 kilometers away. On our way we pass by Nurata. There is a brief stop by Sarmish canyon. Sarmish has rock paintings that are dated back to the Bronze Age. In Nurata we stop for a longer time to visit some great places such as: Khasan and Khusan Mosque, holy water spring with mariinka fish, Namazgokh Mosque built back in 10th century, Sheikh Khusan Nuri Madrassa, remains of the Citadel Alexander the Great. After that we continue our trip to Bukhara. When in Bukhara, we check in the hotel and have time to spend by ourselves. Then we gather for a dinner and go to bed.

Day 7

During day 7, tourists stay in Bukhara for sightseeing. Our first sight is Samanid’s Mausoleum, dated 9-10th century. The mausoleum is the place where family members of Samanids’ dynasty were buried. This construction has distinctive architecture that stands out of the rest architectural designs of that time in Central Asia. For that time it was the first structure that opened new era in Central Asian architecture. At the time of Arabic invasion the monument was damaged and after that reconstructed. Then we move further to see Chashma Ayub Mazar, dated back to 14-19th centuries. It is a burial vault with monuments. The next stop is Poi Kalyan Complex (12-16th centuries. The complex consists of widely known 49 meter high Minaret Kalyan. The minaret was built in 1127. Fortunately, despite a series of wars and conquests it was not destroyed. Minaret Kalyan served different purposes throughout its history. Once it was used as a look-out station next time it became the place for public executions. It is a subject to a lot of different stories and tales. During the tour, our guide will tell you most famous out of them. Next in the program is Lyabi Hauze Complex. The complex consists of Kukeldash and Nodir Divan Begi Madrassas, built in 1568 and in 1622 respectively. One of the most ancient constructions in this area is Ark Fortress. It is dated back to 6-7th century. After sightseeing we go back to the hotel for a night sleep.

Day 8

6-7 hour trip to Khiva will start early in the morning. On our way you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the nature of Kyzyl-Kum desert. There is still the evidence of trade caravans from times of Great Silk. Arrive in Khiva. Overnight at hotel.

Day 9

Khiva is an ancient city that has great historical sights to visit. This whole day is dedicated to this beautiful city. Khiva is considered to be museum under open sky, because almost everything in this city preserved original design. Everywhere you go in this city you will see old buildings. The city has a 2500 year history. We will visit Ichan-Qala walls. Inside these walls there is a clear feeling that we are at ancient times. The atmosphere is unbelievable, magical and very strong. You can imagine this place to be a place where heroes of Shakhirizada tales live. Every single thing inside these walls is left untouched and you can understand why Khiva is called museum under open sky. You will visit 58 meters high Minaret Islam-Hoja, Minaret Kalta-Minor (1835), Kunya Ark Fortress, Madrassa Amin Khan, Ak Mosque (translates as “white mosque”), Memorial of Pakhlavan Makhmud and Djuma Mosque of 10-11th centuries. A distinctive feature of this mosque is that it has 212 decorative columns inside, each column with different ornament. There are no two columns with the same ornament. Then there is free time. The night is spent in Khiva.

Day 10

In the morning after breakfast we take a flight to Tashkent with transfer in Urgench. Upon arrival to Tashkent we check in the hotel and go for a guided tour around Tashkent. The plan for the day is to visit: Khazrat Imam Complex that was built back in 16th century, Kukeldash Madrassa, Chorsu market, Applied Arts Museum, museum and library where The Koran of Othman Khalif and other ancient manuscripts are kept. This Koran is one of the oldest, dated back to 7th century. The night is spent in Tashkent

Day 11

After breakfast transfer to the Mountains Chimgan.

When in the mountains, we pass by beautiful Charvak reservoir. Then we go further to see Chimgan mountains that have height of 3000 meters. We ride horses and have cable chair trip. After that we visit beautiful Beldersay ski resort. The view is amazing there. Then there are a lunch and free time. By the dinner time we return to Tashkent.

Day 12

Day 12 is the last day of the tour. In the morning after breakfast tourists leave the hotel and take a flight home.

Price per request.





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Option 3


Dedeman 4*


Tashkent Palace 4*


Miran 5*


Malika Prime 3*


Grand Samarkand 3*


Samarkand Plaza 3*


Grand Bukhara 4*


Asia Bukhara 3*


Zargaron Plaza 4*


Asia Khiva 3*


Malika Kheyvak 3*


Malika Khorezm






  • Accommodation in hotels
  • Breakfasts at hotels
  • Comfortable transportation with DVD, A/C, refrigerator, etc.
    • 10-40 pax – 1 Bus
    • 60-80 pax – 2 Buses
  • A guide who speaks English
    • 10-40 pax – 1 Guide
    • 60-80 pax – 2 Guides
  • Tour leader FOC
    • 10-40 pax – 1 Tour Leader in Single Room
    • 60-80 pax – 2 Tour Leaders in Double Room
  • Admission to the monuments listed in the tour program, excluding video and photo shooting
  • Visa support
  • All types of taxes

        Fees paid for processing and getting visa

        Allowance to take use cameras in some places

        International air tickets

        Expenses for personal needs

        Ordering extra dishes and drinks in restaurants

        Extras not shown per itinerary

        Services that are not in the list of the tour price


Payment for the tour:

30 day prepayment is required for this tour. The payment can be done in form of bank transfer to our account. Amount and bank details will be stated in our invoice.


If a customer wants to cancel the tour:

  •     40 days in advance, there will be 0% charge
  •     15 days in advance, there will be 50% charge of the price of tour
  •     7 days in advance, there will be 100% of the price of tour



    Prices should not be disclosed to third parties and are not commissionable

    Current tour prices are valid before the beginning of December 2013




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