Tashkent City Homestay

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Tashkent Alay Bazar
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In welcoming Tashkent Oloy Bozor street the hotel is located City Homestay. Comfortable room greeted guests beautiful design, comfortable furniture, a bathroom with a set of cosmetic accessories. Cooking can be practiced on a total clean and spacious kitchen, but enjoy the prepared dishes – in a beautiful garden, a fragrant variety of colors, for interwoven tree branches. Come in their cars do not have to worry about where to put the same cars – equipped with a private car park, for which the fee is not provided for in the City Homestay. The hotel has a bicycle rental service in Tashkent, and scenic walks will not only bring tangible benefits, but also a considerable variety of daytime and evening pastime. Guests can settle in, making the choice of apartments – for couples reserved their rooms for those who come with children – special, with good sound insulation. It is worth to know that bringing in a pet hotel in Tashkent is not welcome, also need to know what to pay for the service will be available only bills – cards City Homestay is not serviced.

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