Taj Mahal

3 stars
Ferghana city at Marifat Street, 38/50 Landmark: Cafe “Traktir”
37.00 $

Hotel Taj Mahal is located right in the center of Ferghana city at Marifat Street, 38/50. The architecture of the building can be a bit unusual for visitors, as on the ground floor instead of a spacious hall there is a large shopping center, offering a great variety of products. Hotel rooms (total 23) are on the second and third floors. Here single, double or deluxe and suite can be booked. In each room there is comfortable modern furniture, TV set, refrigerator and internet connection. The location of the hotel is also attractive. Just across the street there is a bank, where any kind of currency can be exchanged whole week. In a cafe called Traktir next to it, one can comfortably sit and taste national dishes. Not far from the hotel, just five minutes’ walk, there is a central bazaar where you can walk and see a huge variety of goods offered for sale (mainly handicrafts, souvenirs that you do not find in shopping malls).


The Taj Mahal has a restaurant, which houses more than 100 people, where master-cooks are sure to pleasantly surprise anyone by their culinary delights, a bar and a nightclub. Any sweet lady will be pleased to visit the beauty salon to get to know the brand new procedure of rejuvenation. The hotel also provides a banquet hall, and a conference room. You can keep your valuables in the hotel safe. Also, you can safely park your car in a covered parking lot next to the hotel. Besides, porter service the Taj Mahal offers professional medical aid.

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