Sukhrob Barzu

2 stars
Bukhara, on Babakhanov Street, 9 Landmark: the Citadel Ark
21.00 $

The guest house «Suhrob Barzu» is located just a few hundred meters from the Citadel Ark of Bukhara city, on Babakhanov Street, 9. This two-storey house is located on the street 20 meters from Lyabi-Hauz ensemble. Some windows visible even the rear of the quince. The building is located in the neighborhood where once Bukharan Jews lived.It was adapted to the needs of the hotel, but there remained the spirit of antiquity and oriental flavor with carved wooden pillars and fencing reshёtochkami on the veranda of the second floor, as well as patterned clay plates (kicking) and painting on the walls.


The hotel staff greets guests at the registration desk. Here foreign currency can be exchanged in the exchange office. A luggage storage room is also available next to the reception. It is worth to mention that only adults can stay in 12 rooms with air conditioners, flat screen TV-set and satellite TV, private balconies. Staying with children is not possible. You can have your breakfast in your room or in the open air in the summer terrace, located in a beautiful garden planted around Suhrob Barzu. If you decide to dine in your room you can easily do it by ordering dishes or drinks that you would like to try. You can spend your time in the hotel in a variety of ways. One of them is renting a bicycle and riding on well-trodden paths of Old Bukhara, enjoying the romance of the local restaurants and sights around. When leaving the hotel, you can leave valuables in the super-reliable hotel safe.


Mini-hotel has twin rooms, and nine double. Two of them have double beds, while the other seven, separated facing. All rooms are equipped with split systems, which allow to create a perfect microclimate . Plus has its own bathroom with shower (bath) and toilet After walking through the city sights, you can lie on the orthopedic mattress and watch a satellite channel on the TV. for an extra charge you wash and iron clothes, especially if you need it in the near future.


The lovely patio is equipped with wooden benches and tables. It’s nice that breakfast is served not in a strictly specified time, and after you sleep enough. The morning meal consists of tea (coffee), cheese, sausage, jam, eggs and bread. At the season is served in the air or in the room inside the house. It also can be used as a room for business meetings.


The master of the house has a telephone with international access, computer with internet access and fax. Wi – Fi access is caught around the house.

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