Silk Road Termez

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улица Навои, 45
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Silk Road Termez hotel is situated In the historical part of Termez city, on Navoi street, 45. The building draws its architectural style, which clearly reflects designer’s notes. This grand palace was designed as a complex, taking into account all the possible wishes for a more comfortable stay of many visitors. A distinctive feature of the hotel is the high-class service organization where notes of fabulous east are in clever harmony with modernity of the present time, pleasantly surprising its guests with endless hospitality. The hotel rooms have been created under the leadership of the best designers. 8 superior rooms, 2 junior suites and 2 suites are equipped with designer furniture, as well as special lighting, giving a bit of relaxation and enchanting atmosphere. The rooms are air-conditioned and there is a Jacuzzi, as well as necessary set of accessories for the washing. You can also freely use the services of the Internet, satellite television and telephone. Lovely ladies are invited to visit a local beauty salon, where professional masters create a new image or accentuate existing special features. One can burn a couple of kilograms in the fitness room, and enjoy the cool water in the swimming pool. There is also a sauna there.


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