Sharq Taronalari 2019 – 25.08.19 – 30.08.19

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Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukahara, Samarkand, Tashkent
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  • Duration:8 days
  • Max:20people


The festival possessing wide popularity today has been held since 1997 by the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov and under the patronage of UNESCO.
“Sharq taronalari” takes place biennially under the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Affairs of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, National Television Broadcasting Company of Uzbekistan, Pop music union “Uzbeknavo”, the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan, and Samarkand regional government.


The main goals and objectives of the festival are: wide popularization, preservation and development of the best achievements of traditional music, education of the young generation in the spirit of continuing national traditions and further expanding its international creative communications.

The program of “Sharq taronalari” festival includes contest of traditional music performers from different countries, as well as scientific and practical conference with musicologists, composers and performers.

A rich program of “Sharq taronalari” representing the diversity of traditional musical cultures of the world is becoming more and more significant event not only for Uzbekistan or Central Asia, but for the participating countries of the whole world.

markand which is included into the World Heritage List of UNESCO can doubtlessly be called as the “Pearl of the East”. Standing on the crossroad of the Great Silk Road, it took and preserved until present times the culture, art and unique architecture of the ancient world civilizations.

Historical monuments of Samarkand impress contemporaries by their beauty and greatness.

altOn one of these unique monuments of architecture – Registan square – every biennium between 25th and 30st of August International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari” (“Melodies of Orient”) is held on regularly organized under the patronage of UNESCO.

International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari” (“Melodies of Orient”) is one of the biggest festivals in Central Asia. The main aims and objectives of the festival are to popularize widely the best achievements of national music art, to preserve and develop great traditions of people, to encourage talents in musical and vocal sphere, as well as to spread in further international creative ties, to strengthen cultural-spiritual cooperation, to praise peace, friendship and ideas of mutual sympathetic.alt
The first International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari” (“Melodies of Orient”) took place in 1997 at which participated musical groups and performers from 31 different countries. Today it became one of the most popular and famous festivals not only in Central Asia but also abroad. The bright evidence to this is that year after year not only the number and the artistic level of participants are increasing, but also geographical range of participating countries is widened.

Thus, at the 7th International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari” that was held on in 2009, participants from more then 50 countries attended the event.

It became a good tradition to undertake international scientific conferences, devoted to particular aspects of music, at which participate scientists and scholars from all over the world.

Each Festival, that was held on in Samarkand is unique and exclusive.



Day 1 Tashkent 24.08

Arrive to Tashkent. Transfer to the hotel. Registration in hotel.

Overnight in Tashkent

Day 2 Tashkent – Samarkand 25.08

Breakfast in hotel, transfer from hotel to train station. Departure to Samarkand by “Afrosiab” train. Arrive to Samarkand, transfer to the hotel, registration in hotel. Opening ceremony of Sharq Taronalari festival

Overnight in Samarkand

Day 3 Samarkand 26.08

Breakfast in hotel. City tour, which includes historical Ulugbek observatory, Gur Emir Mausoleum where we can see tomb of Timurids. Transfer to the festival.

Overnight in Samarkand

Day 4 Samarkand-Bukhara 27.08

Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to the train station. 12-30 p.m ”Sharq” train from Samarkand to Bukara. 15-30 arrive to Bukhara. Places to visit in Bukhara: Chor-Minor which means four minarets, incredible necropolis Chor-Bakr, and Lyabi Khauz (at the bond) The main square near the big pool restrains magic of the past. Old people, who are supping tea and sitting on tapchans of the Chaikhanas or acting backgammon straight by water, shop assistant vending sunflower grains, children playing in the sun, happy forever Hodja well-known Sufi, who always rides on bronze donkey.

Overnight in Bukhara

Day 5 Bukhara 28.08

Breakfast in Hotel. First place to visit in 5th day is Sitora-i-Mokhi-Khosa summer palace. Summer palace is one of the best constructions of 19th century. Palace was built by the best builders, in a mix European and Oriental styles. Bolo Khauz complex, this complex was preserved till our days without restorations. Sheikh Bokharzi mausoleum, at the end of 13th century the mausoleum above his tomb was built. Dome building of Khanaka was constructed about 600 years ago it had been functioning until the late of 18th century. The Memorial Complex of Khoja Bakhouddin Naqshbandi is one of the most important Muslim shrines. Every self-respecting Muslim knows and reveres this name. The great theologian of the XIV century, founder of the Sufi Order “Naqshbandia” was buried 12 km from Bukhara in his native village of Kasri Orifon. Some time ago there was the pagan temple of the site of current tomb of Naqshbandi.

Overnight in Bukhara  

Day 6 Bukahara-Samarkand 29.08

Transfer from the hotel to train station. Deaprture to Samarkand by “Sharq” train at 08-40 a.m. Arrive to Samarkand at 11-45 a.m. Places to visit Samarkand: Rukhabad mausoleum. The Rukhabad Mausoleum, built by order of Amir Timur in 1380, was erected over the grave of Islamic theologian and mystic Sheikh Burhaneddin Sagaradzhi, much esteemed by Timur’s contemporaries.

Burhaneddin Sagaradzhi significantly contributed to make Islam widespread among the nomads of Eastern Turkestan. The Islamic scholar, who was married to a Chinese princess, enjoyed great influence at the court of the Yuan dynasty in China. The exact date of his death has not been established, but it is known that he died in China. After the death, according to the Sagaradzhi’s will, his son Abu Said brought his remains to Samarkand. After Rukhabad we will visit Shah-i-Zinda Ensemble includes mausoleums and other ritual buildings of 9-14th and 19th centuries. The name Shah-i-Zinda (meaning “The living king”) is connected with the legend that Kusam ibn Abbas, the cousin of the prophet Muhammad was buried there. As if he came to Samarkand with the Arab invasion in the 7th century to preach Islam. Popular legends speak that he was beheaded for his faith. But he took his head and went into the deep well (Garden of Paradise), where he’s still living now.

The Shah-i-Zinda complex was formed over nine (from 11th till 19th) centuries and now includes more than twenty buildings.

Siab Bazaar, one of the biggest bazaars in Samarkand, where we can find everything. “Novoyxona” where Uzbeks cook famous Uzbek “Nan”.  And they will describe us secrets of Uzbek Nan, and its making procedure. Transfer to the festival.

Overnight in Samarkand

Day 7 Samarkand-Tashkent 30.08

Breakfast in Hotel. Transfer to the train station. Departure to Tashkent by “Sharq” train .

Arrive to Tashkent.  Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

Overnight in Tashkent

Day 8 Tashkent 31.08

Breakfast in hotel. Free time in Tashkent. Transfer to the airport.

Important information:

1.   Transport: we provide A/C comfortable transport with professional driver per itinerary

  • 1-2 pax – Brand New Nexia or Lacetti Sedan car from Arrival to Departure including all transfers
  • 3-8 pax –Minivan Istana   (up to 14 seats) from Arrival to Departure including all transfers
  • 9-14 pax – Midi bus Toyota Coaster  (up to 20 seats)  in from Arrival to Departure including all transfers
  • 15 pax and more – Big bus   ( up to 45 seats) coach with A/C,  from Arrival to Departure including all transfers

2.   Visa: for more information about Uzbek visa you can visit our web site:;;

3.   Guide: the main tour price includes the service of professional English speaking escort guides-assistants.

4.   Payment: 100 % prepayment should be made not less than 10 days before the group’s arrival. Prices are confidential and non commissionable


Price per person*
Price per 1 pax Price per 1 pax
  Hotel 4* Hotel 3*
2 pax 1140$ 910$
10+1pax* 980$ 810$
15+1 pax* 890$ 720$
20+1 pax* 800$ 620$
SS 258$ 120$


Important notes:

  • Vegetarian cuisine is not widely spread in Uzbekistan, but restaurants can offer some vegetarian meals
  • Tour cost is subject to change, factoring increase in airline fare, timing, peak periods surcharges etc.
  • Similar standard hotels will be provided if in case mentioned hotels are not available at the time of reservation

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