Sharkony Samarkand

3 stars
Samarkand, Nyman Street, 2a Landmark: Institute of Agriculture
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At Nyman Street, 2a in Samarkand the hotel Sharkony Samarkand is located, which is nearby the Institute of Agriculture. Choosing apartments (total 37), it is worth knowing their names – Economy, standard, superior – their diffence is their size, as well as additional furnishings.


If a visit to Samarkand Sharkony is on business, it provides a spacious business center, which has a separate room for individual negotiations. For the members of the delegation the hotel provides mandatory coffee breaks and lunches. Participants also will not have to worry about not knowing the language; professional translators will always come to their aid. During the event, all the participants will be provided with fast internet, as well as the possibility to use fax.


The hotel is famous for its restaurants – there are three of them – two green and on red.The first can freely accommodate up to a hundred people, the other two are for small companies or delegations. To pay for any service a variety of ways can be chosen, so the presence of cash is not a prerequisite.

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