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Tashkent region, Zangiotinsky district, village Urtaaul Street. Navoi 70
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The facility opened its doors in Tashkent region, located in the immediate vicinity of the legendary historical and cultural complex “Zangiota.” The total area of ​​the spa complex is almost 10 hectares, which allows placing on its territory a large number of medical and prophylactic institutions. Medicinal flora of these places, including many rare trees brought from different countries is of a special importance. Thanks to them, in the resort a healing atmosphere is created, which has beneficial effects on the human body.


An important place in all therapeutic procedures takes natural mineral water, which comes from a depth of nearly two thousand meters. Numerous domestic and overseas research surveys confirmed that the water for centuries been subjected to serious natural cleaning and saturation of important micronutrients. As a result, the nature really creates a source of youth and vitality.


Comfortable accommodation and useful kitchen


Vacationers are located in rooms intended for the accommodation of two or three people. Each room includes television system, all amenities, efficient heating system that is responsible for supplying hot and cold water. Superior rooms also have a balcony with a beautiful view of the surroundings.


The administration of the hospital has very closely approached the formation of high-quality supply for holidaymakers. The menu includes the best examples of European and Uzbek cuisine. For vacationers who require a special diet, chefs offer a wide variety of dishes.


Extensive cultural and entertainment program


With the aim of familiarizing holidaymakers with the cultural heritage the resort provides an extensive entertainment program. For example, in the theater a demonstration of different films is carried out. Fans of active recreation can take part in games:

  • Table tennis;
  • Indoor swimming pool;
  • Sauna;
  • Chess;
  • Football;
  • Backgammon and so on.


The price includes professional counseling and profile survey of top specialists with the necessary scientific degree. Here vacationers should remember that before arriving in the resort they need to visit their local therapist to obtain an extract from the patient’s card. Children older than 4 years old can also relax in the Uzbek sanatorium.

  •   Cable TV
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