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Uzbekistan, Jizzakh region, district Zaamin
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This medical-recreational institution is located on the slopes of Turkiston range. The complex, built at an altitude of almost 2 km, is surrounded by the Zaamin reserve. Guests at this resort don’t have to worry that the proximity of the urban agglomeration will disturb their rest. The nearest administrative center is nearly one hundred kilometers from here.


Clean air and a variety of mineral springs allow people with impaired gastrointestinal tract and lungs get professional therapy. The mild climate, comfortable temperature level and humidity indicators here also allow patients to be treated with the problems of the nervous system.


In the sanatorium “Zaamin” there is a modern medical and physiotherapy medical equipment, allowing an accurate diagnosis and treatment of visitors with a variety of health problems. Numerous massage rooms, indoor large pool – all this can substantially restore well-being and give an incredible amount of positive emotions.


Rest in Zaamin would not be complete without quality cultural and entertainment facilities. It proposes:

1. A juice bar;

2. Discos;

3. Ping-pong facilities;

4. Cafe;

5. Reading rooms;

6. Themed playgrounds;

7. Sports halls;

8. Ski (invites only in winter).


People of all ages from old to young, kids aged above four years can get the treatment here. The total value of vouchers includes a two-week stay in this medical institution of recreation.

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Стандарт двухместный
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