Sanatorium “Umid Gulshani”

1 star
Tashkent region, Kibray district, Navoi Street, Building 1 Landmark: 2 stops from the center of the district Kibray
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This resort is located in Kibray district of the Tashkent region,. This hospital has chosen one of the most common, but one of the most delicate specialties – andrology, gynecology and infertility problems. Every year hundreds of people hear the terrible diagnosis, but not many people know that here they can have professional help.


Long-term, worked-out in detail methodology and professional approach allows medical personnel to give hope to everyone. Efficient operation of this recreational hospital has managed to bring it fame not only in Uzbekistan, but also far beyond.


Without fail, each patient undergoes a detailed examination which makes it possible for an experienced doctor to determine the true cause of the problem. Various sexual disorders in men and women are not left disregarded by the sanatorium specialists either. Typically, many of these disorders are caused not only by physiological but also by psychological abnormalities. That is why an experienced psychologist always works with patients.


As concomitant therapy here are:

  • Rooms for physical therapy sessions;
  • Cabinet of acupuncture;
  • Department of therapeutic massage;
  • Section of manipulation;
  • Cabinet of thermal treatment
  • The treatment with “green” cocktails;
  • Light / electrotherapy and so on.


Residential rooms of the sanatorium can accommodate one or two guests. In all of the rooms you can find comfortable furniture and all the amenities. It also offers guests a multi-library, a dining room with a healthy diet, an oriental teahouse and so on. The “highlight” of this resort is a year-round vitamin tables, allowing the patients any day of the year, to get the required amount of vitamins and minerals.

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Двухместный однокомнатный стандартный
Двухместный однокомнатный стандартный
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