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Tashkent region, Yukori-Chirchik district. Landmark: Shirkatnoe farm Ahmad Yassaviy
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This hospital first opened its doors eight years ago, becoming the result of many years of successful cooperation between Korean and Uzbek sides. The basis for this resort was an old hospital of physiotherapy. Today, in this sanatorium, patients with the gastrointestinal tract, differential pressure, biliary tract, urogenital system other problems, may get professional medical assistance.


Sanatorium “Mersian” is fifteen kilometers from the capital of Uzbekistan, but the resort guests need not worry that the proximity of the capital will break their vacation. This hospital is located in the central part of the farm named after Yassaviy in Yukori-Chirchik district.


This hospital is most known for its mineral springs that are very useful for human health. The first well, which reached a depth of two thousand four hundred meters, was drilled here in 1985. The results of numerous health and physicochemical examinations have proved the fact that the mineral water is nothing inferior to “Essentuki”.


Skilled employees always help you


This therapeutic recreational institution relies not only on equipment, but also on the professionalism of health workers. Extensive experience allows them to accurately carry out the primary diagnosis of the patient with the purpose of diagnosis. Based on these data the doctor will be able to assign one of the following procedures:

  • Sport physiotherapy;
  • Massage therapy;
  • Spinal traction under water;
  • Balneotherapy;
  • Heat treatment;
  • Oxygen foil wrapper and so on.


Standard hotel room provides the opportunity to stay here for one or two people. For clients with large financial capacity, superior rooms are provided.


Notes for the Vacationers


When choosing a place for rest and treatment, citizens must necessarily take into account the medical evidence. For example, the vacationers with one of the following contraindications, should refrain from the trip to the sanatorium “Mersian”:

  • The various stages of mental illness;
  • Age, exceeding the mark of seven decades;
  • The presence of stones;
  • Various fibroids and cysts;
  • Emergence of prostate;
  • Recently experienced heart attacks;
  • The presence of cancer.


  •   Cable TV
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2-х, 3-х местный стандарт, без душа
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