Sanatorium “Etti buloq”

2 stars
Fergana region, village Toshlok
15.00 $

This sanatorium, occupying nearly five acres in the Fergana region, is surrounded with a beautiful pine park. The special microclimate created here by nature, has beneficial effects on health. Treatment is recommended for citizens suffering from problems related to the digestive tract, metabolism in the body, the malfunction of the pancreas, respiratory system, and so on.


Accommodation includes rooms for one or two guests. Rooms provide all the necessary amenities. Hospital administration has made sure that the guests of the resort could take a full course of treatment, due to the modern infrastructure:

• Professional diagnosticians;

• Modern medical equipment;

• Cabins of the mineral treatment;

• Acupuncture;

• Halotherapy;

• Cabinet for physiotherapy;

• The dining room, where each visitor will receive a balanced diet.


The resort focuses on the required combination of correct diagnosis, correct treatment and compulsory walks on the street.

  •   Cable TV
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