Sanatorium “Chimyon”

3 stars
Uzbekistan, Fergana region., Fergana district
214.00 $

Highly professional diagnostic base characterizes this resort as the perfect place for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, blood circulatory system, urology, cardiovascular and nervous systems. The facility, built at an altitude of 450 m above sea level, allows all travelers to constantly admire the splendor of the opening view of the mountains.


One of the cornerstones of quality recovery is mineral water obtained from a deep source. Thanks to the invaluable gift of nature, patients are able to take medicinal baths, drink from this source of energy and health. Another important aspect of healing here is silt mud used in the resort for the imposition of special applications.


As maintenance therapy can be used here:

  1. physiotherapy;
  2. a spacious swimming pool;
  3. phytotherapy;
  4. The sessions of the therapist;
  5. special diet and so on.


Holidaymakers are accommodated in apartments for one or two guests. All guests are free to enroll in one of the many themed tours, to visit the sports fields in the territory of the sanatorium.

  •   Cable TV
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Двухместный  стандартный (корпус 1,2,3)
Двухместный стандартный (корпус 1,2,3)
Max 2
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