Sanatorium “Buston”

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Tashkent region, Kibray district, s / s Baytkurgan
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This hospital is located in the Kibray district of Tashkent region. The health resort on the bank of the “Zakh” river rises 450 meters above the sea level. A visit to this sanatorium is prescribed to citizens suffering from problems related to the cardiovascular system, urological, neurological system and so on. Here you can find the advanced medical equipment on which a qualitative diagnosis is held, and then the maximum effectiveness of treatment is assigned.


Experienced doctors, including those, who have passed special required training, are always happy to apply their knowledge and experience for your health improvement. The Buston offers the followings to the patients:

  • Gymnastic and massage audiences;
  • Mud baths;
  • Balneo treatment room;
  • Cabinet of electrotherapy;
  • Department of magnetic therapy;
  • Acupuncture;
  • The section of specialized diets.


A special place there takes a dentist’s office, equipped with modern means of treatment and diagnosis. Professional dentists not only conduct a full diagnosis of the oral cavity for the detection of future cavities, but also conduct the designated treatment. The vacationers are provided a football field, the pool, winter garden and various thematic clubs.

  •   Cable TV
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Двухместный однокомнатный (2 корпус)
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