Sanatorium “ABU ALI IBN SINO”

4 stars
Samarkand region Landmark: Nurabad district
205.00 $

The stay in this sanatorium- hospital is recommended for people experiencing problems with the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, the CCM. The basis of the medical procedures used here is the wisdom of the ancient East, which emphasizes environmentally sound methods of healing. A key element here is the therapeutic special mineral water, the level of the mineral content of which is only 1,2gr / l. By this index it is fully identical to hospital “Tskhaltubo”.


A special place here is occupied by the hospital physiotherapy:

  • Cabinet for acupuncture;
  • Cabinet of dietetics;
  • Mud therapy;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Massage room, exercise therapy;
  • Healing showers.


Accommodation is done in a well-furnished 2-storey building, which provides a 1 bed and two bed rooms. The attending citizens can visit the tea-house, disco clubs and so on.

  •   WiFi
  •   Cable TV
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3х мест/1ком корпус №2
3х мест/1ком корпус №2
Max 3
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