Sitting area Red House

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Chimgan, Tashkent region
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In Chimgan mountains, near the famous ski slopes, close to the cableway is a recreation area Red House. It offers residents presented cottages of different sizes, equipped with trestle beds living room, kitchen, and amenities. The undeniable advantage of cottages is that they can be occupied both by companies and couples to have fun all together or vice versa, to retire from the rest. For dinner or lunch, this hotel in Uzbekistan invites guests to the restaurant, where chefs prepare culinary delights surprise around the clock. In addition, there can pass the most romantic dinner with candles and a good vintage wine.


Climate Rech House has to walk – pure mountain air, natural charm will help to relax, escape from bad thoughts, plunged into complete harmony and tranquility. Moving along the paths of the complex, you can find a welcome retreat, taking up own business – leisure, drawing, singing, photo sessions. You can also go to the mountains with an experienced instructor, as a group, or try yourself as a rider to participate in the equestrian walks. In addition, the zone is constantly held in an interesting musical party with guest artists, contests. Also guests Red House is sure to be invited to the sauna, and then – in the pool, which is very useful for restorative procedures. Tour operators in Uzbekistan is required to make emphasis on the fact that only here you can look over all the charm of the mountains, ride a cable car in the winter to gain experience, conquering another impregnable top.


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