Charvak Oromgohi

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Uzbekistan BOSTANLIK settlement BOKACHUL
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“Charvak Oromgohi” is a great wellness center, located on the shore of the Charvak reservoir, 80 km from Tashkent, in the territory of Chimgan-Charvak resort and recreation area. Chain of high mountains and surrounded by green hills of Charvak reservoir consisting of dam and three mountain rivers – Chatkal, Pskem and Kok Su. This is a great place for a good rest, because nature itself created the extraordinary beauty of the landscape of the natural landscape, which is complemented by the fresh mountain air. People decided to complement this beauty by building on the site a center for rest and treatment.


For the honored guests of the recreation area gets a choice: sunbathing on the well-appointed beautiful beaches, or go hiking in the mountains, along the paths in the mountains.
The wellness center offers the following facilities:


Cases for residence consists of 3 blocks built in the shape of pyramids. They created 208 rooms of different types, bars, disco playground, restaurant, business and conference facilities, Internet zone, gyms, saunas, and a medical center.


Staff “Charvak Oromgohi” are professionals who create all conditions for your comfortable stay on the shores of a beautiful lake. Staff hope that the high level of service, excellent natural conditions, reflecting the uniqueness of the whole resort – will leave in your memory the most memorable experience.


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