Montella Park

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Beldersay. Tashkent region
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Very near to Beldersay, surrounded by majestic mountains located Montella Park – a seating area with private cabanas. Among the ten houses, you can choose the one that is most suitable for the number of guests. Morning in Montella Park begins with a delicious breakfast, which is already included in the payed price. But dinner or supper can be in a posh restaurant, the atmosphere of which is available to a variety of activities, whether it’s friendly gatherings, dinner party, wedding, birthday celebration or a romantic encounter. Two swimming pools operate on site. Guests can enjoy Russian sauna with brooms, hot steam and aromatic infusions, as well as a Finnish sauna.


Montella Park – the perfect place for a family pastime, it will say tour operators in Uzbekistan. Local flavor perfectly brings not only the pleasure of arrival, but also a desired vacation spiritual harmony. The Montella Park, you can ride on the last minute – then it will be very cheap tour.

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