The club “Edelweiss”

1 star
Ugam-Chatkal National Park, Beldersay mountain resort
63.00 $

Mountain Resort “Beldersay” is famous for popular among the youth club “Edelweiss”. The second flight offers to resettle 9 rooms. On the first day held discos, and believe me, boring melodies or unknown compositions would not be here. Modern DJs invited from different places, each with its own advocate program. Striking stocked night bar – any visitor necessarily discovers completely unexplored drinks. But a more complete diet will give a local restaurant, where the simplest dishes are transformed into culinary delights thanks to diligent and masterful creativity of the chefs. Rooms are made exclusively in bright colors, even in bad weather warm shades make their irreplaceable atmosphere of comfort, warmth. And here is where there really turn the conquerors of the mountain peaks – often tourists arrange a real race, showing each other excellence.



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