Guest house Murad Mirzo (Tashkent)

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Tashkent, st. Sagban, 95 Landmark: near the market Eski Zhuva
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Outside Sagban, in the old part of the capital, it is very picturesque hotel-type “bed and breakfast”. The history of the house began thanks to a well-known merchant Mirzaboy – grandfather of the current owner. Grandson Mirzaboy – Doctor Murod Mirzo lives here with his family. Murod seriously approached the case before opening the warm house for receiving guests, he studied tourism and hotel marketing, as well as the features of tourism in Uzbekistan.To accommodate the guests allocated ten rooms of various sizes with separate standing beds, ready to meet both one and four tourists. The breakfast if you wish, you can complement the lunch and possibly dinner.

The sleek design of the premises added patterned bedspreads and antique wooden cabinets that store musical instruments, national clothes and books. By the way, for the entertainment of visitors the head of the family can sing to his own accompaniment on the lute. Murod very well-read man, he knows a lot of interesting facts and legends of the native land. He is willing to tell them to you. In the evening in the courtyard terrace that accommodates up to fifteen people, he can make a small presentation of folklore.

To reach a large market Eski Juva is not a problem, as you can explore the shops, Tashkent History Museum, as well as a gallery of Uzbek clothes. Nearby are the architectural monuments: Kukeldash, Hazrat Imam Ensemble including Madrasah Barakhana, tomb Kaffal al-Shashi and others.


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