Sitting Area “Orange”

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Among the natural beauties of Charvak, where the air is filled with treats and forces, where the splendor of the surrounding places is simply mesmerizing, located recreation area “Orange”. How bright the name, so sunny and positively takes place here every day. For guests are offered comfortable classic rooms. But visitors like to gather around the fireplace, watching the flashes of fire, listening to the crackle of firewood.
At night, you cannot just sleep – on the balconies of the apartments you can admire the beauty of the bright stars. And how much has already been said about the excellent cuisine of Orange. Local craftsmen are ready to surprise visitors every day, and preparing your order to the table on the planned celebration.
Barbecue Polyana is a place dating, pleasant conversation, a good rest. Often entire companies while preparing barbecue, to pass the time playing the sport battles on the volleyball or tennis courts. The gazebo can be installed around to drink tea, read, simply enjoy what is happening around.
The summer pool is never empty , the water is heated in a timely manner. It is not terrible to come with the kids, because they have “a full water world” – the area, where a lot of interesting and not dangerous places. But wanting to do health recommended sauna – you will have a steam after a dip in the small pool and then you can repeat the procedure.


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