Royal Palace

3 stars
Samarkand, Amir Timur Street, 33 Landmark: a 10-minute walk from Central Park
42.00 $

In Samarkand, at Amir Timur Street, 33 the Hotel Royal Palace is located, recognized by most tourists as a unique pattern of the Uzbek architecture. Before the guests leaf doors swing open, artfully decorated with unique designs, offering to go further – to a blooming fragrant garden, paths of which lead to the reception.There is no elevator, but it does not matter – on footstep visitors are welcomed by the staff, whose responsibilities include delivery of items to the room. Before the eyes of visitors comfortable rooms (total 17) open, within the walls of which any visitor will feel relaxed and comfortable. Going to the restaurant, located in the lower wing, you should not forget about the dress code. it would be inappropriate to come to a chic restaurant in shorts straight from the tour.


For those who like to keep a leisurely conversation while enjoying the traditional brewed tea, there is a topchan-special bed on the terrace. By the way, the Royal has a tea mini-bar, where visitors not only get acquainted with many different varieties of the favorite drink, but also learn in detail the history of each tea grown with love and care,.


The design approach is striking – particularly mysterious and attractive the hotel looks in the rays of the rising or the setting sun, which creates a unique play of colors on beige-golden and greenish walls of rooms. Here is a small gallery, which can tell a lot about the life of the city for those who came to the Palace for the first time.


The fans of shopping enjoy here as well, because just ten minutes walk is a large market where you can find everything. They accept different currencie for payment as well as different methods of payment.


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