Petroglyphs of Uzbekistan

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Ташкент, Рохат, Джумабазар, Хандам, Намданак, Шампан, Невич, Башкызылсай, Паркент, Чирчик, Газалкент, Бельдерсай, Чимган, Юсупхона, Ходжикент, Сайлык, Кибрай, Нурата, Сармыш, Самарканд, Ташкент.
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Petroglyphs are rock carvings. They are archaeological monuments. Their scientific significance is very high. There is still no consensus on when exactly the first petroglyphs appeared. This is not surprising, since the rock paintings were created at different times, in the early of them – only animals are depicted, in later ones people are already appearing. Over the past centuries, climatic and human factors have greatly affected the safety of drawings. The earliest petroglyphs are distinguished by their grace. The meaning depicted in the drawings carried a great importance. Later images are not so smooth, they are more rough and rude in their performance. In the same period, symbols and signs began to appear on the images. A little later, paper was invented.


We offer you a very unusual tour. The route of the tour includes not only the knowledge of the value of the petroglyphs themselves, but also an introduction to the life of the local population. You will see the nature of the mountains, learn the historical information and culture of the Uzbek people. On the route route there will be fields, branched vineyards, different cities, villages, town-type towns, ancient hills, gorges, caves, canals, rivers, waterfalls, blossoming foothills, petroglyphs, ruins of ancient villages. And also the snowy mountains of Chimgan, the extraordinary beauty of mountain forests, museums and reserves. Accommodation is organized by us in different places, depending on the level of life, place, weather, culture, etc. It can be a cozy hotel, and a comfortable holiday home, and a tent city and even a yurt (!).

We offer you the following itinerary:

Tashkent (venue) – Rohat – Dzhumabazar – Khandam (exit-survey) – Namdanak – Champagne-Niewicz – Bashkyzylsai (climbing to petroglyphs) – Nevich (lunch at the rest house) – Champagne (exit-review) – Parkent (excursion to the museum Chitkal Reserve) – Chirchik – Gazalkent – Beldersay (climbing to petroglyphs) – Chimgan (exit – lunch and review) – Yusupkhana (exit – review of the Charvak reservoir) – Khojikent (petroglyphs and tea in Chinar tea house) – Gazalkent – Saylyk (ascent to petroglyphs ) – Gazalkent – Chirchik – Kibray – Tashkent (hotel) – Well ata (overnight in a yurt) – Sarmysh (petroglyphs Sarmysh) – Samarkand (hotel, tour) – Tashkent (hotel, excursion).



Day 1
Jettikent (Bashkir-Hasay petroglyphs) From 8:00 to 10:30 transfer to the village of Nevich. Moving along the asphalt road. The path is about 60 kilometers.Departure by minibus. On the way, a visit to the recreation area, called Bakht-Rohat and Tashkent Golf Club, is planned. Immediately after leaving Tashkent, you will see beautiful gardens, as well as fields. Passage through the Karasu River, the village of Dzhumabazar, the hills of the western Tien Shan. If the trip is in the spring, then you can make a halt at this place, as the view opens just a wonderful view: the steppe red poppy and extensive vegetation. Then we go to the village of Namdanak. Not far from this village is the city of Krasnogorsk (Kizitog).

On the way to the rest house “Kizil-sai” you can see unusual Uzbek vineyards.

At 10:30 we begin the ascent to the petroglyphs. The height is 200 meters. Climbing the beautiful mountain trail.

The path is uncomplicated. Gradually climb to the coast of Bashkir. From is a mountain range, with rocky outcrops. Petroglyphs are carved on such protrusions. But they are not only carved on ledges. They can be seen on large stone boulders. The preservation of petroglyphs is not great. In some places, something is difficult to see. But you can see the hunt for wild horses, scenes with buffalo, cats, dogs, goats and so on.

Descent along the river. We are waiting for dinner.

From 13:00 to 14:00 lunch in the “Kyzyl-sa”.

At 14:00 we continue our journey. We have to get to the “Beldersay” – the famous Uzbek holiday home. Arrival to Beldersay. The path is 1600 meters. We are waiting for dinner at the rest home. There is an opportunity to ride on the famous cable car.

Day 2
Beldersay From 7:00 to 8:30 breakfast in the holiday home.After breakfast and a brief briefing, we are going on a hike. It is necessary to take all the equipment that may be needed throughout the journey. We go along a mountain path 400 meters high to the Chetkumbel Pass. We go down to a very beautiful meadow for a halt and lunch.

From 12:00 to 13:30 – lunch and rest.

In the evening we have dinner. Fire, gas burner. Night in tents. Free time.

Day 3
Beldersay (Ascent to petroglyphs) From 7:00 to 9:00 breakfast.After breakfast – the necessary fees. To climb, you do not need to take too many things with you. It is necessary to take only the most necessary. To be, as they say, on the lung.

At 17:00 return back. Dinner. Night.

Day 4
Chimgan-Yusuphona-Khodzhikent-Saylyk (Khojikent Petroglyphs)


After breakfast we turn off the camp and depart.We pass the Marble River to Urtakumbel Pass, we go down the river. We admire the waterfall and juniper trees. There are also children’s camps in these places.

Lunch at 12:00. Transfer to Chimgan (by minibus).

After arriving in Chimgan, we have dinner and inspect the area.

Then we go to Charvak reservoir.

We have lunch. We inspect the neighborhood.

Evening – free time.


Day 5
Karzhantau (Petroglyphs of Karakiasas)


In the morning, after breakfast, we go up to the place “Kul”. The total time of ascent is about five to six hours. The area is very beautiful and picturesque. Great vegetation, lots of flowers and grass. Fresh air. We inspect the neighborhood and break camp.Recreation.

At 16:00 climb to the petroglyphs. A small climb to the clearing.

After the inspection we go down to the camp. Dinner. Night.

Day 6
Saylyk – Chirchik – Tashkent 7:00 – 9:00 – lift, breakfast.After breakfast – the necessary fees.

We go down to the recreation area Saylyk.

At 15:00 we leave for Tashkent.

On arrival we are accommodated in the hotel. Dinner at the hotel restaurant. In the evening, a cultural program: ballet, cinema, theater, cafe.

Day 7
Tashkent – Nurata (Petroglyphs of Sarmysh)


8:00 – 14:00 – departure to Nurata (300 km).Required fees and departure.

From 14:00 to 21:00 – location in the yurt.

Upon arrival in the yurt camp – rest. In the evening, walking on a camel. Dinner. Night.

Day 8
Tashkent – Nurata (Petroglyphs of Sarmysh) Sarmysh petroglyphs – a review.
Day 9
Sarmish – Samarkand – Tashkent (Excursion around Samarkand) Excursion around Samarkand
Day 10
Tashkent Departure from the airport in Tashkent.


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