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Bukhara, st. Hakikat, 9 Landmark: the historical part of Bukharaг.
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Light two-storey mini-hotel “Orom” attracts the attention of a skillful combination of oriental arches and modern materials, such as plastic windows. This trend begins on the facade and continues inside. The hotel’s interiors are light features oriental exoticism, dominated by modern furniture and classic style.


The location is very favorable, from the windows even Kalyan Minaret visible. Rooms are not much – only 11, but in all there is a split system. Single rooms only one. The rest of the apartments, include two semi-suites. By the way, the application can provide a chair-bed. There is standing bath and a hairdryer in the private bathroom. In the semi-suite in addition to beds there are a desk and chair, a sofa and an additional table. All rooms have mini-refrigerators for drinks.


Very convenient that the entire of hotel, it has free Wi-Fi. If there is no mobile devices for wired Internet have to pay. In the lobby there is, as well as in the rooms, a TV with a variety of multi-lingual channels.


The hotel safe at the reception only. There is secure parking for cars.


For breakfast you can go to a restaurant, but if you do not want to go, it will bring in free number. The restaurant does not stop only at the national dishes, you can order and European cuisine.


In the warm, there is outdoor cafe. In it, as in a bar, you can find a great range of drinks and juices.


For those who want to “Orom” there is always an experienced guide who speaks several languages.

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Double standard room
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