Oasis Asaka

3 stars
Yashnabad district, Fargona Yuli, house 23, Toshkent
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Outside Fargona Yuli, 2 Tashkent Oasis Asaka located hotel, known for its modern wellness area. For guests round the clock an indoor pool, a great tan can be purchased in the solarium, and a good warm up – in the sauna. The Oasis Asaka built a spacious gym, where fitness classes are held periodically. At the hotel is set round the clock security, why be afraid of disturbances to occur. Accidentally soiled linen can be taken to the laundry – the service is very inexpensive. The bar-restaurant is always a great choice of dishes, a variety of snacks, as well as many drinks of varying strength. Guests visiting the Oasis Asaka for business purposes, the staff will provide a private room for meetings, where you can use the technical support services – homing cameras, computers, microphones, simultaneous translation devices

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