Nodir Samarkand

3 stars
Samarkand, Ibn Sina Street, 1 Landmark: in 2 km from the airport
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At Ibn Sina Street, 1 of Samarkand Hotel Nodir Samarkand is located. You can be guided by the known ruins of the settlement of Afrasiyab. The hotel pampers its guests a luxurious buffet. Also, this place is sure to appeal those who are ready after numerous dishes again get in shape.There is a fitness center, an outdoor pool, a sauna there and close to it the stadium “Olympia”is located. Around the building stretches a magnificent garden, in the shade of which you can enjoy the live nature. But to get a tan in the sun you can sit on the terrace, or go out to the balcony. Breakfast can be brought to bed, and at the restaurant you can try an abundance of buffet or order delicious food from a large menu. Lovers of fun till sunrise will be enjoyed by the bar, where the bartender will treat exotic drinks, and a DJ will try not to get bored until the very last minutes. It is important to remember that there is no access to the Internet in Nodir Samarkand. The hotel can arrange sightseeing tours, exchange money at exchange offices to buy tickets, take advantage of photocopying, fax. You negotiate to bring pets. The rooms are cleaned every day; at the request you may be provided VIP-services.

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