Nasreddin Navruz

2 stars
Bukhara, st. BABAKHANOVA, 37 Landmarks: pl. "LABI HOVUZ"
20.00 $

This two-storey house built in 2003, but due to the fact that it is located in the historical part of Bukhara gave him a traditional look for once the Jewish quarter. The building was built on the square and in the center there is a small paved courtyard, where there is room for tea drinking and relaxing.


Less than 100 meters separates the hotel from the attractions complex around Labi-Havuz. Nearby is the monument to Hodja Nasreddin, sitting on a donkey, and a square with cafes and restaurants and a little further craft shops, selling its products in parallel.


To the center about 1 km away and the airport of Bukhara – 4.


In “Nasreddin Navruz” only 10 air-conditioned rooms, but they have different capacity (from one to three people). Some double rooms have double beds, and a few rooms are separate. There are TVs with satellite channels and patio rooms. All rooms have private bathrooms with shower (bath).


Home restaurant prepares dishes of Tajik, Uzbek and European cuisine. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The administrator can use the international phone and a computer with internet access. For paid services also include laundry and ironing of clothes.


Guests arriving by car can park their iron friend in the parking lot near the hotel.


Please note that to pay for your stay in this hotel will have cash, not credit cards.

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Double standard room
Double standard room
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