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  • Historical tours to Uzbekistan
  • Duration:4 days/3 nights

It is a popular direction of tourism for today which ideally approaches to productive and various leisure lovers. Frequently they represent a combination of pedestrian and water trip, camel ridding, fishing, and also include visiting places of unique landscapes, ancient architecture and museums. The route can practically include any kind of tourism, combining a variety of productive leisure.


  • Majestic Uzbekistan for Indian and  Pakistani Tourists
  • «The Great Journey along Uzbekistan»
  • The Great Tour along the Central Asia
  • Along the desert of Uzbekistan
  • Through the lands of the Great Silk Road
  • Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan
  • Enjoy your trip in Uzbekistan
    4 days/3 nights
  • Gastronomic tour in Uzbekistan: Test and enjoy the national Uzbek dishes
  • Hospitable Tashkent
  • Winter in Uzbekistan
  • Winter Holidays in ancient Uzbekistan
  • Aral See is our life
  • The capital of Uzbekistan Tashkent + Aral See

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